Band of Mothers


Supporting and developing artist mothers to get back to work

Its our turn! We are now in development for a project about and for Mothers. We have recently formed a ‘Band of Mothers’ who will collaborate and focus on positive action. Together with our shared understanding of our multiple needs, responsibilities and tricky timetables, we come together, sympathetic to these challenges, but aiming to make things work. We want to harness the rich talents, insights and strengths that mother artists bring, and start a meaningful collaboration to see what we can create together.

We are receiving support from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and our first project will be on the Globe stage in September 2018!

Since becoming a parent six years ago, I have been compelled to create an event for mothers to come together and identify, share and exchange. As a theatre maker, I have become increasingly interested in storytelling, site specific and in particular in working with non-actors to facilitate sensitive involvement in the theatrical event. Following training with the legendary Argentinian director Vivi Tellas at Shunt Vaults, I have had a series of transformational experiences of gathering and then sharing stories from all walks of life. Now it feels timely to turn my gaze onto mothers. There is a tangible change in tide in the industry with increased consciousness of both how we can reconnect artist mothers to come back to work after having children, and also how we can engage an audience of mothers back into the theatre. We must break the silence and create space to hear mothers’ stories.

Following a period of initial R&D, and successful meetings with venues, we have now begun to form our team, or ‘Band of Mothers’ that will help us to create our new season of work.

Together, we will:

1)        Form a company of artist mothers who can harness the innate insights, life experiences and assets of being an artist mother

2)        Work with a writer, and gathered verbatim accounts to create a new piece of theatre for a regional theatre tour

3)        In tandem, we will run regular ‘Mothers Meeting’ storytelling groups for wider audiences and communities across the South of England. The experiences from these groups will form the source material for a new piece of theatre. We want to unearth the stories that might otherwise go unheard.


If you are an artist mother and interested in becoming involved, please get in touch with