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Despite our excellent track record of creating acclaimed theatre events, sadly, in light of the current climate of arts funding cuts, we have yet to receive any public funding for what we do. We have been surviving through success at the box office, and private sponsorship.

However, in order to continue to keep developing what we do and build on our foundations, we are in need of financial support. Investment and sponsorship would be used for employing actors, writers, designers, composers and technical specialists; to develop our engagement with communities; to continue building relationships with theatre venues; and to reach new audiences.

We have become very good at making money go a long way, and have learned how to be resourceful and economical (we recently saved £2,000 in hiring rehearsal space by partnering a local church who have agreed to give us free use of their hall in exchange for a preview performance of ‘The Tempest’!)

So we are now looking for support, and there are a number of different ways to do this.

Here are some suggestions of how you could support us:

Donations: (£1-£500)

We would grateful for any donation that you can afford; every little helps. In return, we will find a special way to acknowledge your generosity, including a personal thank you in our marketing materials and on our website.

Become a Moving Stories Angel: (for donations from £500 and above)

Our angels are very special to us, and we find lots of opportunities to thank you in creative ways. This would include VIP invitations to all of our productions and events, along with the opportunity to get up close and personal with our unique creative process. This might include invitations to workshops, rehearsals, readings and to meet our cast and crew backstage. As an Angel, you would join the Moving Stories ‘family’, and share in our exciting adventures along the way.

Your Very Own – Moving Stories Event: (for donations of £2,500 and above)

If you like what you saw this evening, why not commission your very own theatrical event in your home or workplace. A fabulous and unique idea for a party, special occasion or corporate hospitality. We can work closely with you to devise and create an event using professional actors and hosts, which will be tailor made for the specific space and your chosen guests. You might like a full play in your lounge, or travelling scenes around the house, or theatrical characters hosting a dinner party. The possibilities are endless! Nowadays, people are looking for the latest innovation in entertainment; our ‘In Bed with Shakespeare’ event booked up in a week, and we have had fantastic feedback on the idea!

If you are interested in this idea, please contact our Artistic Director Emma Gersch to discuss your thoughts.






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