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Band of Mothers: 'Unlocked Voices'

"BOM is something essential. Something that takes away the feeling of being separated from our passion by our love and duty to our kids. It’s a safe, creative space where you are made to feel of value as a mother and an artist. It’s a rare thing and it shouldn’t be. Grateful to be a part of this powerful group. Mothers are truly the best makers for sure!"

(Band of Mothers Member)

Band of Mothers is a not-for-profit performing arts interest group, which aims to support, encourage and connect artist mothers to remain creative whilst managing the challenges of caring responsibilities. 


We are now in development for an exciting new verbatim storytelling project, which seeks to unlock the voices and stories of mothers, experienced through the Pandemic. In order for us to tell stories from a range of perspectives and experiences, we would like to hear from mother artists who do not represent the majority. We feel passionate about making sure that every voice is heard. 

If you’re interested in joining us and getting involved, please drop an email to Emma (Director) emma@movingstories.org.uk

Our Band of Mothers Company keeps its doors open to new artist mothers. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all members from diverse backgrounds and abilities. 



For any other enquiries, use the contact us form. 

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