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Measure for Measure
by William Shakespeare

Moving Stories Theatre Company in partnership with West Cornwall Women's Aid presents:

‘Measure for Measure’ by William Shakespeare

At The Minack Theatre 

"So essential on this stage on a cliff, every word is clearly spoken and heard, thanks to the sterling cast." - The Minack Review


Vienna is in a lawless mess. The streets are rife with sin and vice, and Duke Vincentio wants to clean it up. Appointing his Deputy Angelo to do the deed, moral ambiguity ensues, the brothels are burned down, Claudio is on death row and his sister Isabella is shocked by an indecent proposal.

Silenced women, hypocritical rulers, corruption and innocence - Shakespeare’s timeless tragi-comedy set among the dark corners of the corridors of power could have been written for today. Catapulted into the here and now, Moving Stories returns once more to the Minack to re-fire Shakespeare’s play in an urgent, current and potent production. Fusing memorable storytelling, live music and vivid design, especially for the magical Minack stage, Measure for Measure will stir the big questions about freedom and morality.


Directed by Emma Gersch, movement by Kitty Randle, music by Matthew Reeve, design by Kate Unwin. Creatively produced by Dana Hudson.



Sophie Spreadbury
Christopher Staines
James Tucker
Lance West
Marc Zayat
Faye Billing

Sophia Priolo
Kieran Capaldi
Michaela Bennison
Tim Hibberd


Emma Gersch
Kitty Randle
Dana Hudson
Matthew Reeve
Matthew Vale
Kate Unwin
Emily Obasohan
Louise Manifold
Imogen Brown
Jane Pugh


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